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Functions Of Council And Officers

Function of the Council

The Council shall be concerned with the architect profession and shall charged with the responsibility of securing the highest practicable Standard in the practice of Architecture in   Ghana.

The Council shall

    •  Prescribe or approve courses of study for, and the conduct and standards of   qualifying examinations for registration as registered architect under the Decree;
    • maintain and publish a register of Architects;
    •  prescribe and uphold standards of professional conduct and ethics ;and
    • control the practice and architecture

Officers of the Council
The officers of the Council are
(a) a chairman who is the

    • a registered architects
    • elected by members of the council

(b) Registrar who

    • Nominated by Ghana Institute of Architects; and
    • a registered architect ;

(c) a treasure who is elected from among the Council

Functions of the officers

The officers shall perform the following functions
(a) the chairman shall

    •  preside at every meeting of the Council but in the absence of the chairman a member of the Council elected my the members present from among their number  shall preside; and
    • exercise general supervision over the work of the Council

(b) the Registrar shall

    •  keep the registers of the Council;
    •  update and publish the registers as are due annually;
    •  provide certification as needed regarding and architect on the register of the Council;
    •  exercise general control and management of administration as well as authority over employees of the Council

(c) the treasure

    •  shall preside at the meeting s of the Financial Committee but in the absence of the treasure a member of the presence among their number shall preside;
    • shall exercise general supervision over the income and expenditure of the Council;
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