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Committee of the Council

The Council shall have

    •  a standing and general purposes committee;
    •  a  finance committee;
    •  an investigation committee, and
    •  an education committee.

Standing and general purpose committee

The Standing and General Purpose Committee consist of

    • the Chairman of the Council who shall be the the chairperson of the committee,
    •  the Registrar,
    •  the Treasure, and
    • two other member of the Council

The standing and general purposes committee shall

    •  vet and recommend to the Council any application for registration ;
    •  supervise the keeping of the register, the printing and publication of register in the Gazette in January each year;
    •  implement the decision of the Council; and consist and act on any matter which the council may refer to it.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee consist of

    •  the treasure who shall ne the chairperson of the committee;
    •  the Registrar; and
    •  three other member of the Council

The Finance Committee shall

    •  advise the Council with respect to the appointment , remuneration and the terms and conditions of service of persons employed by the Council;
    •  examine the account submitted annually by the treasure and report to the Council; and
    •  prepared an annual budget for the approval of the  Council and for presentation to Ministry of Works and Housing

Investigation Committee

Investigation Committee consist of

    •  three nominees consist of the Ghana Institute of Architect one of whom shall be the chairperson of the committee ;and
    •  two other members of the Council.

The investigation committee shall investigate and decide on any allegation of
         Professional misconduct made ageist any architect.
The committee after hearing the parties may submit its recommendations to the  
The Council shall set up a disciplinary committee in accordance with the First Schedule
         Of the Decree to further investigate the allegation of professional misconduct.

Education Committee

The education committee consist of

    •  the member of the Council representing the University of science and Technology,Kumasi
    •  the Registrar
    •  one member of the council; and
    •  two nominees of the of the Ghana Institute of Architect.

The committee shall elect one its members as the chairperson of the committee.
The education committee shall

    •  advise the Council on the aims and objectives of architectural education in Ghana;
    •  determine both primary and specialist qualifications to be recognized by the Council
    •  advice the Council on the appointment of a moderator and examiners for examiners for examination; and
    •  ensure that courses of study and training in architecture , including continuing educational programmes , are such as can such  as can sufficiently graduate possession of the knowledge and skills needed for the efficient practice of architecture in Ghana

Other Professionals

An architect shall not engage any person as a partner in an architectural firm unless that person qualifies as a professional and is registered under the law, which regulates the profession to which that person belongs

Meetings of Committee
A committee set up under these bye-laws shall determine and regulate the procedure for its meeting

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  • (+23321) 7010552,229464
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