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The NBOC shall work through the Architects Registration Council and be responsible for regulating matters relating to the technician group within the building industry. This does not stop or should affect the existing respective associations for these groups in managing their own affairs. We should in this regard always be mindful and separate the regulatory role by Government over such bodies from the important work, objectives and aspirations of professional groups and related associations.

It will be the responsibility of the NBOC to

1.    Catalogue all building draughtsmen and technicians
2.     Define the terms  “building draughtsman”, “building technician", “professional builder”, “building inspector”, and any other term / level of qualification within the vocation
3.    Set the standard of education, training and conduct (in consultation with the appropriate ministries and stakeholders) in relation to the vocation
4.    make recommendations for mentorship by architects and architectural firms (or with the appropriate professionals and consultancy firms)
5.    organise courses of study from time to time for the identified groups as continuous technical development (CTD)
6.    any other duties that the Ministry, Council and/or Board may deem necessary

The Ministry has granted administrative mandate to the ARC to also regulate the training and practice of building technicians and draughtsmen, under the National Board of Control for Building Technicians and Draughtsmen. The ARC has developed a training syllabus and annual examination scheme for these technicians, which will be launched in October 2016.

Moreover, the ARC has also started a regional road show to educate and sensitize all building technicians and draughtmen throughout the country about this new development. Two regions have been covered so far, i.e. the Greater Accra and Central Regions, with records of an average attendance of 130 and 77 respectively.
The ARC will undertake its continuous technical training and capacity building program for various staff of MMDAs, government agencies and private sector operators in November this year.

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