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Code Of Conduct

A registered architect must not consciously hold a position in which his interest is in conflict with professional duty.
A registered architect acting as a consultant, advisor or assistant is to be remunerated solely by his client/employer.
A registered architect shall not take as a partner or co-director in his firm any person who is disqualified for registration.
A registered architect who is engaged as a consultant, advisor or assistant shall not act in a professional capacity for a third party to whom his principals owe a contractual duty.
A registered architect must not advertise or offer his professional service to any person or corporate body by means of circulars or otherwise or paid announcement in the press except that:
He may apply to prospective employers for a salaried appointment.
The advertisement is directed only to members of the profession concerned.
He responds to an advertisement addressed to members inviting them to submit their names for inclusion in a panel for section for a project.
A registered architect may allow signed illustrations and description of his work to be published in the press but shall not:
Give monetary considerations for such insertions
Allow such insertions to be used by the publishers for extorting advertisements from contribution.
A registered architect may sign his buildings and exhibit his name outside his office and on the building in the course of construction.
A registered architect must not attempt to supplant another architect or compete with another architect by means of reduction of fees or by other inducements
A registered architect shall supplant another architect for an on-going project when notify the fact to the institute, and to the original architect and shall satisfy him self that there no outstanding obligations between the client and original architects, before he/she proceeds to undertake such work.
A registered architect at employed as a full-time salaries by a central or local government or statutory under taking, and who is by reason of his office in a position influence the granted of any form of statutory, must not undertake private work not withstanding any permission from his employing authority to do so, unless he is satisfied that his position and action in the matter will be free from any suspicion or suggestion of abuse.

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